Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cyber Security Africa to hold IT and Cyber Security Convention in Kenya

Cyber Security Africa will hold its second annual East Africa IT and Cyber Security Convention 2013 in Kenya, bringing together leading cyber and IT security experts.The event aims to provide key insights into cyber security issues in mobile, cyber networks and IT infrastructures.

It will be held on November 28-29 and will also equip participants with a range of clarifications and solutions.Additionally, the convention will be seeking to answering what should organisations do in the face of intensified cyber threats.

“The protection of an organization’s infrastructure and systems from cyber threats is a key strategic priority, with cyber attack identified as a top tier risk over the next years,” the event website reads.“Cyber Security Convention 2013 will bring together the key stakeholders from the governments, law enforcement agencies , finance institutions and world class ICT security experts to answer your key security questions.”

Participants to the event are promised an opportunity to engage with key policy makers, hear the latest analysis and forge partnerships with international cyber security stakeholders.


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