Friday, October 18, 2013

Cyber Security Awareness

I don’t know about you but I think Facebook’s privacy settings can be quite hard to find and configure. As such ESET has come up with a few guidelines that you can follow for Facebook privacy settings not to forget about the FREE social media scanner they provide that can scan your Facebook and Twitter to protect you and your friends’ timeline, messages and newsfeed from malicious objects.  This is one application that when used on a regular basis can give you the peace of mind, knowing that you're protecting my social media presence.

Cyber Security Awareness 

Being online is the new norm sometimes we forget that everything we put out there is open to the public so making sure we create the image of who are really are is very important.  A few of the key points that are important to remember about social media and privacy are:
  • Don’t give too much away!
  • Keep your private stuff private
  • Who can access your personal data?
  • A Facebook friend is not forever
  • Theft/loss of your device
Luckily ESET has you covered not only for your computer but your smart phone as well! There is a paid and free option so be sure to check out their mobile security packages!  There are so many features they can provide; just what you’re looking for whether it is a gps locator, remote lock, quarantine for threats, block last caller or even a remote wipe!  Because you never know sometimes if you’re juggling the kids and trying to keep track of your stuff sometimes things get misplaced.
 ESET Mobile Security
ESET Smart Security offers so many ways to make it easier to protect you any of the devices we use easily and without hassle.  This way ESET can make a world of difference in our home, work, and business!  We will continue to do so every time we turn our devices on and off.


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