Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kenya ranks 7th in Internet Security threats in Africa, This Must Change!!!!!

In a report done by by Symantec Corp titled Internet Threat Report Volume 18, Internet Security threat has increased by 42%. That’s in comparison to the previous year and the manufacturing sector and small businesses have been the prime target of 31% of these attacks that aim to steal Intellectual Property. Android Platform user topped mobile users at most risk.

South Africa topped the list overall of the ten most exposed countries to Internet Security threats. The others are Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritius, Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, Ghana and Cameroon in that order. The country most at risk of spam attacks was Morocco followed by Tunisia and South Africa. Phishing leaders are South Africa and Morocco, South Africa also topped the Country most at risk of virus attacks. Kenya also managed to be in that virus list at number ten.

Internet Security Africa
Globally we have United States topping the list of ten overall. This is followed by China, India, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Taiwan and Russia in that order.

The US also topped the Phishing and Virus laden list. India is the global Spam haven and also follows the US closely in the top ten virus list.

See below the full chart that shows how African countries performed compared to global stats.


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