Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Children using smartphones before learning to talk

More than 29% of  youngsters are said to be playing games on smartphones or iPads, even before they can string together a sentence, according to a study.

Around 70% of children already know how to use the latest gadgets before beginning to go to  school, according to electronic learning company VTech.

Therefore, by the time they are five years old, these children have already sent 116 texts and 85 emails, Metro.co.uk reported.

The study revealed that from the 2000 parents, having children under 11 showed that 47% of them found information for their schoolwork from the internet, as compared to 15% who use traditional books.

According to the findings, the usage of smartphones is encouraged by parents, with around 42 percent buying electronic devices for their children for educational purposes.

However, the downside effect of the same reveals that 13% of children have accessed inappropriate things online, and 13% have called 999 accidentally

VTech's Charlotte Johnson said that children have become more tech savvy and connected to the world than ever before.



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