Thursday, November 14, 2013

Instagram scam tricks 100,000 users into giving away passwords

Instagram have been tricked into giving away their passwords, thanks to an app called InstLike. The app asked users to share their usernames and passwords to get free likes and followers.

Thousands of users on online photo-sharing platform

As per security firm Symantec, users became willing participants of this giant "social botnet" after they downloaded and signed up for the free app, which began 'liking' random photos and following random users.
The security firm also said that users were also asked to buy virtual coins to accrue more likes and followers.
Over 100,000 users are believed to have become victim of the scam.

Symantec spotted the scam in late October this year, after the app successfully survived scrutiny from Apple and Google for months.
After Symantec warned Apple and Google, the app was removed from Google Play and the App Store on October 25 and November 7, respectively.

The app used a variety of ways to convince people to pay for virtual coins and spread the app.
Although Google and Apple have since removed the applications from their respective stores, the app's site is still operational.
Symantec has advised users to change their passwords immediately, instead of just deleting the app from their phones.


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