Monday, November 11, 2013

New artificial intelligence can do everything on your PC

A new  artificial intelligence robot that can navigate through almost any computer programme and across the internet has been developed.

Mako, created by 18-year-old Michael Ghandour in Chino, California, has voice recognition and responds to even the slightest command with super speed.

It can create powerpoint presentations from scratch, search anything on Google and give updates on the local weather.

The robot can even read out long passages on a screen, 'The Mirror' reported.

MAKO is multilingual; it can speak in five different languages soon to be 30, according to its Kickstarter page.

The page lists Mako's numerous abilities - it can open any website/programme, define any word, type anything you say, retrieve any online image, Google search anything, switch windows to other programmes, empty recycle bin/delete any file/words, do math equations of all kinds and write a report on any subject, among other functions.

Ghandour who spent seven years working on artificial intelligence programmes like this, believes Mako will "revolutionise how we interact with the technological world."


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