Tuesday, November 19, 2013

#Nigeria's Communication #Bill

The proposed ‘wire-tap programme’, currently under consideration by Nigeria’s government has elicited mixed reactions. According to the Daily Trust the proposal is intended to empower security agencies to track and monitor both phone and online communications.

Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan
The programme proposed as a bill entitled, “Bill for An Act to Provide for the Interception, Development And Protection of Communications Networks and Facilities For Public Interest and Other Related Matters, 2013” has passed the second reading in both lower and upper chambers of Nigeria’s National Assembly, a case similar to the Kenyan Situation (Kenyan Draconian Media Bill)

Daily Trust had the pleasure of talking to Baba Jibrin Adamu, senior advisor to Nigeria’s President, who said that the programme is part and parcel of the Government’s intention to curb criminal activities. He says criminals use the internet and telecommunication services to perpetuate crimes.

According to Baba Adamu, investors would not be attracted to invest in an unsafe market. As such, the government is working to ensure that online transactions are safe in the country. Although some politicians endorsed the Bill, critics have come up in arms, expressing concerns that the government is likely to use the Bill to curtail the freedom of expression or be abused by politicians as a tool to fight their opponents.


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