Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Over 30 Million Kenyans

Statistics released by the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) stipulates that the East African country’s mobile subscriber base has grown by over 2% and now stands at 30,5 million.

Nairobi, Kenya. (Image source: Steven Bostock/Shutterstock.com)
According to a report published by The Herald, authorities have attributed the growth to the registration of new subscribers and the re-subscription by users who had their phones switched off during the SIM registration campaign.

There has also been growth in the mobile money space with an increase in subscriptions from 23,2 million in the last quarter to 24,8 in the current quarter – equivalent to a 6,8% growth.

In addition to an increase in the volume of mobile subscribers, there is also understood to be a significant rise in the number of mobile money transfer agents, which is now calculated to be in the region of 88 466.

The CCK is quoted by the publication as stating, “The expansion of the agency network can be attributed to the continued uptake and popularity of the service as well as operators’ initiatives towards enhancing accessibility to financial services and increasing financial inclusion to the unbanked.”

The report also stated that mobile internet subscription dominated the Internet/data market with 99% contribution, and broadband subscriptions grew by 36,9% from the previous quarter and is said to be 1,39 million.


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