Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kenyan firms join the fight against cyber crime

Technology firm, ESET NOD32 Solutions, has joined in the fight against cybercrime in the country.

The action comes in the wake of the problem reaching unprecedented levels and stakeholders in the information and communications technology sector calling upon the government to institute legislative measures to curb the menace.

The Managing Director for ESET NOD32 Solutions, Geoffrey Ombachi, said that the company had been disseminating information about the looming problem through its blog (www.esetkenya.blogspot.com).

He said this was part of efforts to make the public aware of the crime.

“We are at the forefront in the fight campaign for proper cyber-security policies that will see cyber-crime perpetrators being tried and sentenced in a court of law.

"We have strategies of joining hands with internet security corporate in a bid to scrap off pirated software from the market,” said Ombachi in an exclusive interview.

Ombachi further stated that the company was going to join in the fight against pirated software that had been pointed out as a major contributor to surging cases of cyber crime.

“Pirated software has contributed to a lot of security breaches in the country.

"Microsoft Corporation started that fight in 2011, Adobe got into the fight in 2012, we would like to take the fight to the next level by April 2014,” added Ombachi.

Ombachi added that the company educates Kenyans on the significance of running an authentic antivirus programme as well as upholding safety practices when browsing the internet.

Cyber crime is gaining prominence in the country with reports indicating that more than 1 000 Kenyans fall victims to the crime on daily basis. It is feared that this number is set to double up by next year if urgent measures are not taken to address the issue. - CAJ News.

an excerpt from CAJ News & IT News Africa




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