Wednesday, October 30, 2013

African Heads of States have Agreed!!!!!

Kenya’s government has described technology as “a powerful tool” that it has prioritized as part of a development agenda to better the lives of its citizens.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is quoted extensively in a report published by Capital FM, based on his address at an interactive session for Heads of State at the Transform Africa Summit hosted is week in Kigali, Rwanda.

ICT has been identified by Kenya’s administration as a catalyst to spur an industrial revolution, underpinned by a reduction in the cost of doing business and other economic measures that are key to transformation and growth.

President Kenyatta emphasized the importance of initiatives such as the laptop project and identified job creation as one of the main benefits to fully utilizing ICT, according to the Capital FM report.
He is quoted as saying, “We are introducing laptops to our children because we want them to begin, right from their basic education, to know that this is one of the greatest tools that have the power to significantly improve life.”

One of the reported takeaways from the Summit was an agreement between African Heads of State that the continent has to embrace ICT in order to compete internationally and it must be prioritized in order to achieve development goals.


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