Thursday, October 31, 2013

Best tools for protecting passwords

For companies and individuals trying to get a handle on password management, the good news is that there are products that can help implement stronger password policies for end users logging into corporate and personal Web-based services, as well as for employees who share a local server login.

The goal here is to make the password process more secure, and also to let users login to particular resources without having to remember all of their individual passwords.

We looked at 5 products, ranging from consumer-oriented to enterprise-only. They include:  LastPass Enterprise, Lieberman Enterprise Random Password Manager, 1Password, RoboForm Enterprise, and TrendMicro DirectPass. 

The products use a master password vault to store all their information in encrypted form. And all but TrendMicro have a way to generate a complex password and insert it into the login process so users don't have to try to come up with something on their own. This makes life easier for end users and also eliminates the security problems associated with users picking one password for all their logins.

In this review, each product has  the ability to synchronize passwords across a different collection of clients and servers. For Lieberman, this means synchronizing the logins to internal servers across multiple users who want to share the same password. For the other products, it means having the same user with multiple devices keep track of passwords for Web services.

Below are the products:

1.LastPass Enterprise offers excellent price/performance and boasts strong management features. LastPass also has the widestn desktop and mobile platform support of any of the products we tested.

2. Lieberman has the best features for local server password management, and the Lieberman tool was the only one in our testsn that worked flawlessly.

3.1Password is a consumer-focused product that allows you to store more than just passwords in your vault.

 4.RoboForm has a nice balance of enterprise features and strong bulk password management, but we had some support issues.
5. TrendMicro's software is the least developed, although the next version is expected to fix many deficiencies.n


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