Tuesday, October 29, 2013

BYOD - A growing Disaster in Africa

A study done by B2B International’s Global Corporate IT Security Risks has depicted shocking security trends among corporate in Africa. According to the statistics, only 17% of companies in South Africa have a fully developed mobile device security policy for their business networks. Meanwhile, IT security breaches involving cell/mobile phones and tablets are increasing geometrically. Despite this disheartening revelation, many companies have not yet laid out plans to curb the use of personal devices for work-related purposes.
IT security incidents involving mobile devices already take many different forms, and can only grow more diverse and widespread over time.

11% of respondents said that mobile devices have been the largest sources of confidential data leakage over the past 12 months. They caused more critical data leakages than employee fraud which rests at 9% and accidental leaks from sharing data by staff, 5%, or corporate espionage which takes 2% of the blame.
The reason is obvious; more mobile devices especially smart-phones and tablets are being used at work daily. Employees use these devices for work-related purposes as well as personal agendas. Having important business and personal information on your device is certainly convenient but this can pose a substantial risk to company IT security.

The use internal corporate rules governing their use of mobile devices, commonly known as IT security policies, can greatly reduce the business risks associated with smart-phones and tablets. However a well-developed mobile device security policy tends to be the exception rather than the rule. However, in many corporate, these policies are either not fully developed or not deployed at all.

Many corporate blame the underdevelopment of the policies on lack of resources. i.e time and money. Corporate institutions that had a mobile device security policy in place said that insufficient funds had been allocated for the policy.

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